Mittwoch, 11. August 2021
Keulen oder heilen?
In den USA gibt es eine aktive Subkultur jüngerer Yuppies. Die sind sportlich im klassischen Sinn. Sie sind Körperoptimierer und folgen ganz eng dem, was sie für den letzten Stand der Wissenschaft halten.
Das ist ein Beitrag aus einem linken Blog,, vom 1.5.2020:
"I have posted many of them over the last couple months at MoA. I would have to write a book or several books to detail all the biochemistry involved. Without getting too deep into virology, microbiology cell structure, cellular biochemistry and nutrition here are a few:
(1) Avoid foods that induce inflammation and damage cellular transport sites (e.g. sugars and omega6 fatty acids) leading to metabolic syndrome. See Dr. Lustig books for further details on the biochemistry of sugar metabolism and the book "The Fats of Life" for lipid metabolism;
(2) Follow PPE protection guideline specified by Nassim Taleb;
(3) Avoid or suppress lung bacterial infections (e.g. mycobacteria). Add appropriate antibiotics as necessary if the disease progresses to far;
(4) Get proper exercise to induce high levels of Superoxide dismutase (SOD) and ensure level of the cofactors Zn, Cu and Mn are sufficient. Saunas also seem to help in certain studies);
(5) Add omega3 fatty acids to improve intracellular nutrient and waste transport;
(6) Get an adequate level of the hormone 25OHD3 (4000 IU/day) or vitamin D2/D3. Be sure to include vitamin K2-MK7;
(7) add liposomal vitamin C and quercetin to the diet (1 g/day). If infected increase dose and use the more bioavailable phytosomal forms. Quercetin, especially the phytosomal form along with high levels of zinc at the first sign of infection serves the same zinc ionophore function as HCQ and chloroquine (be sure to use copper in a 1:15 ratio with zinc);
(8) Add NAD and glutathione to diet and if infected combat production of Von Willibrand factor and its dissolution using using higher doses;
(9) Add additional anti-inflammatory bioflavanoids to diet the literature is extensive;
(10) If infected add IV vitamin C (6 grams/day drip)as the virus rapidly consumes vitamin C in serum and this vitamin serves as an additional antioxidant;
(11) Add substances for improving mitochondrial health as described in textbooks on mitochondrial function;
(12) eat foods with a high fiber content to improve gut and brain health. The literature is extensive on this subject;
(13) In cases of high cellular inflammation combined with the cytokine storm induced by COVID-19 disease the use of anti-arthritis drugs has been shown to be effective (see Seattle ER doctor treated successfully with IVC and one of these drugs);
(14) Review the literature on selenium biochemistry as it has reduced COVID-19 progression by some 60% in one study..

Many of these interventions also serve to reduce the cytokine storm when combined with a health diet without processed food like substances. Unfortunately, most people do not maintain a healthy diet and the foods are often deficient in vital nutrients. As a consequence, as most people age they suffer excessive biochemical function destruction (e.g. cellular and mitochondrial disfunction) that result in adverse outcomes such as death when challenged by COVID-19 disease or other bacterial and viral infections.
Given this background, the herd will be culled eventually of biochemically damaged people. Hundreds of biochemistry books detail these disease of organism self abuse. Granted, genetics and epigenetics play a role but their role has been exaggerated by the medical profession in most cases.
As I have previously posted this is a nasty coronavirus far worse than the others and affects almost all organ systems.
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